Mofos Press

New York's Premier Instrumental Trio. Sounds like a knife fight between Dick Dale and the Dead Kennedys, refereed by Motorhead's Lemmy! The music is impressive enough on it's own, but the fact that it was recorded with all-analog equipment gives this disc an authenticity lacking in today's revivalist clones. 4 out of 5.

--Alternative Press, Issue #181, August 2003


It's Damn Good. You have joined the ranks of instro bands who do something extra instead of boring us with by-the-book retro. Keep it Up!

Jello Biafra, Alternative Tentacles, Letter to the Band


Mental Surf-metal from this New York Trio who see no reason why Motorhead should not go on a Fender-Bender with Dick Dale.And neither will you when you hear it. Dubbed "Demolition Derby Music" due to it's breakneck collision of influences, instrumentals have never sounded so Vital.

Guitar Magazine,United Kingdom, May 2004, Vol 15, No 1


A series of Instrumental pieces, mainly surf but dark and wrapped by the heavy pickworks, a distorted bass and drums played as if the style were Punk. Listen to "Drag City" and tell me if it doesn't seem like "Paranoid" covered by Link Wray. Finally, take the punky spaghetti western "Loco Jodido" and insert it into the "Kill Bill Vol. 2" soundtrack: Tarantino would appreciate it.

Blow Up, Ottobre 2004, Numero 77, Italy


Their debut CD puts them way aside the flat out paths of instrumental surf-o-phonic rampage and turmoil. But then again, the only potential coastline which might evoke some waves for this three piece are the frosty and chilly waters of lake Ontario (near the Canadian border). MOFOS do indeed hail from the upper region of the state of New York. Their blend of nitro-ridden, octane drenched instro rumble combines the fat tremble of classic, vintage surf acts (Dick Dale-Ventures), with the instumental guitar-tricks (known from either Link Wray or the "Strummin' Mental" compilations), but dashed out as if it's played at some 'Ozzfest' metal arena. MOFOS are fat, thick, and heavy in the way they lay down mutated variety of genetically manipulated surf-o-rama instro-metal. Distortion is a major key word in the sonic outcome launched by these three musicians. It's basically conceivedthrough the use of old vintage back-up materials (amps, pedals, and cabintes), but it matches terrifically the scenery of a Polar Blizzard storm coming in from over the Great Lakes and grabbing all and everything in it's freezing coldness. The band basically plays self-written and created tunes which match either the surf or sci-fi angle of the broad spectrum, but ever maintaining that peculiar, heavy loaded approach to the genre. If you'd like to call MOFOS hellish tsunami-evoking thunder'n'lightning sonic purgatory surf, sure feel free, but keep in mind it's like a subtle Motorhead approach on 50's rock' n' roll or Dick Dale riding the stormy waves of Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man'. Anyway, these 14 tracks provide a trip alongside the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse, kicking out surfjams all over the several circles of Hell. "It's surf Captain, but not as I used to know it!" Brilliant!!

Up Yours, April 2004, Kortrijk, Belgium


This three piece surf band from Ithaca, N.Y. cranks out some monster surf with big, dirty guitar and sinister basslines. They bring to mind MOAM?, but they also deliver something on par with newer bands like The Honkeys from St. Louis (minus the Organ). The sound is a thick and powerful "instro-metal", but they have a range of speeds and atmospheres, keeping the album from becoming monotonous. What's more is they do this without changing guitar tones or adding other musicians. It is just pure, undiluted surf rock'n'roll that makes your foot go heavy on the accelerator, or alternately creep through the alleys like a stalking predator. I've already spun this disc many times, and each time it rolls out the gold.

-- Ben Lybarger, Rock n Roll Purgatory, Issue #11

This Album has enough balls for a million lotteries, it's the sort of music Link or Dick could be playing today, if they were'nt stuck in their own ruts. Love it.

--Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine, Issue # 59, U.K.

The Ultimate Ride You're riding a surfboard in heavy weather, atop a monumental wave, headed straight for the rocks. The smile on your face suggests a state of mind eerily zenlike. Blasting through the cans of your personal stereo is the sound of the Mofos. You wake up, sweating but happy. Ithaca's Mofos plays surf music the way Motorhead plays Eddie Cochran's rock 'n' roll; loud, fast, without a hint of remorse. Like Black Sabbath covering Dick Dale, except there's virtuosity and a deep musicality at work here.

- Jeff Miers - The Buffalo News 1/10/03

Link Wray meets the Ventures for the mother of all surf jams in the ninth circle of hell. This is some good shit that could make the worst movie imaginable that much cooler if they included the Mofos on the soundtrack.

-Jimmy Alvarado- Razorcake