With hot-rod imagery,demented surf guitar licks,and leather-clad  southern regalia you'd think Mofos were from Southern California, not New York. But a listen to their music makes it seem like they're from another planet altogether. Combining elements of Dick Dale, Link Wray, the Ventures, Motorhead and the Ramones, Mofos have created  a genre unto themselves. Call it "Surf-instro-Metal", call it "Spy-fi Spaghetti Western", but better yet, don't call it anything at all, just pop this disc into your CD player and experienced a sonic assault that's as visceral as it is original.

Composed of lead guitarist/songwriter Gary Siperko, bassist Eric Trichon, and drummer Matt Marano, the Mofos have been making a name for themselves in their hometown and beyond with their top-notch musicianship and original compositions. Mofos are where these musicians can really let loose, as anyone who has witnessed them live already know firsthand.

As you're listening to the record, picture this: Siperko hunched over his Fender Strat, schreeching distortion out of his tube amp, while Trichon's pounds out distortion-laden bass lines, and Marano's seemingly effortless rapid-fire drum fills raise the level of urgency so high that at any moment you think that the stage might burst into flames. The group have just recorded sixteen songs at the legendary Pyramid Studios with Alex Perialas (Bad Religion, Anthrax)

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